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Why Transition Towns?


Transition Towns have been set up around the country to address the twin issues of peak oil and climate change:

plain bulletThere is growing evidence that global production of crude oil

has peaked and is now declining: in the long run, fuel prices

will go up and up.

plain bulletClimate change has the potential to change all of our lives

and put millions of people at risk of starvation and flooding,

with huge knock-on effects for us here in the UK.

What is the Transition Towns movement about?

These two immense challenges have one solution – we need to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels by:

plain bulletAdapting our life styles to reduce energy use, locally as well

as nationally and internationally.

plain bulletEncouraging local initiatives so we can decrease our

dependency on oil. Sharing gardens to grow food,

encouraging cycling, learning new practical skills, home

improvements to reduce energy use are just some of the

things we can do.

How does Transition Town work?

Transition Town Romsey aims to:

plain bulletBe a network of everyone who has the same goal – it’s not

about a central group initiating everything.

plain bulletFacilitate like-minded people coming together to start their

own projects and to provide help to others – projects can be

part of an existing organisation or something completely new

plain bulletBuild on and develop existing skills to make energy

reduction a positive thing for the people of Romsey.