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The Local Food Group

red bullet For the date of our next meeting – please see the Events page double arrow

Contact Margaret  513808 – anyone interested is welcome to come – we are a very welcoming group!

We are a group of people from Romsey who got together because we are interested in growing food and encouraging others to do so. Some of our plans are:

  • We’ve planted a second Community Orchard at Botley Rd Recreation Ground with 30 trees. We will be holding further planting sessions in the new year More info heredouble arrow
  • Run fruit picking parties around Romsey – do you have a fruit tree which produces too much for you to use? We will pick it for you, you keep as much as you want and then we’ll make sure the rest is put to good use.
  • Run Jamming workshops – learn how to make your own jam from locally grown fruit – more information in the right-hand column.
  • We would like to extend the successful garden share scheme – We currently looking for more gardeners in particular – please contact us!
  • Easy to grow vegetables

We have a new guide all about growing potatoes, courgettes, tomatoes, beans, lettuce, onions, radishes and beetroot – which all grow well in the Romsey area  – click here for the grow-veg-bookletdouble arrow

  • Start planning a Food Co-op – this is quite a large project and we are looking for interested people to set up a subgroup that could help plan and possibly run it – if you are interested please phone Bernie Tel 512140 – or contact us at
  • Run stalls at various events e.g. the Romsey Green Fair and the Romsey Food Festival (August).
  • Continue to map the fruit and nut trees already growing in Romsey, with a view to picking surplus fruit in the autumn and putting it to good use….

Other things we would like to do…

  • Encourage the use of local food in cafes
  • Run starter workshops how to get started growing your own food, composting etc.
  • Put recipies on this website using seasonal local food

Anyone who would like to join us is welcome to come to our meetings or contact us on

Please contact Margaret for more infromation – 513808, and check the Events page for the date of our next meeting.