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2015 Paris Climate Conference and the Challenge to Respond

Remembrance time is here once again and we recall the many who died fighting for our future.  The famous slogan used by the British Government a hundred years ago was an innocent child asking his father, ‘What did you do in the Great War Daddy?’  If we continue on our present course of action, it will be less than another hundred years before we will be challenged by our children and grandchildren as to what did we do in the face of Climate Change ?

Climate Change is the current major issue of our day and if the planet continues to warm, we will lose more of the ecosystems and species that we depend on for life.  We will live in an increasingly tense and divisive world; food sources, and water will dry up; and mass migration and political instability (which is already affecting us) will increase.  Weather patterns will become more volatile with rising sea levels, greater winds, flooding and disruption to agriculture.  Climate change is also the biggest global health threat of the 21st Century and, ironically, it will be most devastating for those countries which have benefited least from the burning of so much fossil fuel.

At the beginning of December this year, 196 countries will come together in Paris to make a universal and legally binding agreement on how to keep the increase in climate change below 2 deg C.

Why will this conference be different from those that have taken place in the past ?

It will be the largest ever global UN gathering of nations, communities and organisations. The major economic powers of China and America are at last on board; whilst advances in business and technology mean that developing countries are in a better position to make the ambitious and challenging commitments needed to make the difference. Some believe that this is the world’s last opportunity to achieve a binding and universal agreement on climate.

A call to raise the awareness of Romsey – “Photo the Logo”

As part of a national campaign to make what’s happening in Paris relevant to local people, Transition Town Romsey encourages everyone to keep informed of the Conference and see how our Government will play its part in creating a sustainable future for all.  There is a national call to raise people’s awareness of the Paris Climate conference, and Transition Town Romsey would like to put together a gallery of the people of Romsey who are concerned about climate change and thus spread the message.

Our challenge is to “Photo the Logo”.

To show your commitment to tackling climate change, we invite groups – be it families, the people in your street, those you work with, your class at school, the organisations or clubs you belong to, the people you hang out with, or whose company you enjoy – to photograph themselves holding a copy of the Paris conference logo.  You may also display a symbol or way of identifying what makes you a group.

Simply print off the logo (see link below) and take a photo.  The more inventive the better !  Photos can then be sent to .  The deadline for photos is 29th November.

We aim to display photos of as many groups of people as will send us their pictures.  We hope to have lots of photos, and will try to get them all into the display, but it would help to have your pictures as soon as possible.  Malcolm Smith from Photoflair in Church Street has kindly agreed to print them off, and help us put together an exhibition of these photographs to be displayed in the Abbey during the Conference (30th November – 11th December).

Together we can show the many people of Romsey care about the planet, ‘we are in this all together’, as Mr Cameron famously pointed out, because it is the only planet that we have.

The logo can be downloaded at: – go to the bottom of the page where there is a ‘download’ icon