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Green Poem Competition – Winner announced at the Romsey Green Fair 2013

Riverford Organic Farm (at Norton, Hants.) and Transition Town Romsey teamed up to organise a poetry competition for primary school children in Romsey.   The theme was ‘growing your own’ as part of being ‘green’.

The winning poem – will be included in their vegetable box deliveries (printed on the backs of the receipts). It will, therefore be read and enjoyed by all their customers in Hampshire – approximately 1,300 boxes.

The winner will also receive a Riverford gift voucher for themselves, plus their class will be offered a visit to Norton Farm.

Riverford said the winning poem: “made us all smile in the office”.

Transition Town Romsey would like to thank Riverford Farm for their interest in and co-operation with this Green Fair activity.

Winning Poem


I like to eat vegetables but they’re hard to grow.

I plant out the seeds in a nice, tidy row.

I water them well and the sun shines down.

Little green shoots come out of the ground.

Just when I think they are growing tall,

Down comes the pigeons and eats them all.

I didn’t plant them for those big birds tea.

I planted them all, I planted them for me.

by Christopher Blake, age 8, Awbridge School

Other entries we enjoyed:


I can see the leaves, bright brilliant green.

I can see the peas playing in their tiny pods.

I can see the grass like a huge blanket, covering the earth.

I can see a slippery slide, waiting to be played on.

I can see great tall beans reaching towards the blinding sun.

I can see cushions, like green patches of grass, covering the chairs.

by Katriona McKinnon, age 9, Awbridge School


We have flowers so that animals don’t die.

We grow beetroots as big as the world.

We eat veg so we grow fit and strong.

Veg is goods for you.

I eat them every night for dinner.

by Isla, age 6, Awbridge School


Enjoy our world.

No one should ignore Earth.

Violet flowers spread out around us.

Immaculate the Earth should be.

Round the world people say ‘thank you’.

Own our belongings

Nutritious fruit to feast on

Marvellous countryside for us to enjoy

Enjoy your lives

Never disturb the world around us

Together we can be a community

by Jack Hales,  age 8, Awbridge School


In the spring flowers start budding

And the grass starts growing.

Shades of bright, lime green

Appear on the ground and in the trees

I love the greens of spring.

In the summer leaves are bigger and darker

And the grass gets longer

Shades of emerald green

Appear everywhere.

I love the greens of summer.

by Olivia Parsons, age 9, Awbridge School


The grass is turning green

Trees are growing so very large

Winter’s been and gone

Once more the flowers bloom so bright.

Candy floss clouds floating

Up in the sky, so blinding blue.

Spirits in this wilderness.

Don’t you wish it was you?

Sweet blossom is blooming.

Robins tweeting in the trees.

Harvest coming in

Enough to make you sneeze.

by Bryony Legg, age  9, Awbridge School


We grow flowers as big as towers,

Potatoes are lumpy

Carrots are bumpy

We grow fruit as plants.

We grow strawberries in our garden

Daffodils as yellow as the sun.

by Emily, age  9, Awbridge School


Green, green, green is so clean,

Litter is mean, so join our team.

Recycle, re-use is what we do,

We want our planet to stay with you!

By Romsey Abbey Primary School, School Council, Ages 5-11


Pick up your litter so the world can glitter.

Recycle your bits and bobs so the planet doesn’t sob!

Don’t, don’t litter, to make our planet clean,

Don’t, don’t litter, to keep our planet green.

By Romsey Abbey Primary School, School Council, ages 5-11


The sound of litter running down the road is soft and elegant.

But we must not be fooled because this is killing our earth.

Just stop and take a moment to pick it up and put it in the bin.

The floor is it’s prison, the bin is it’s home, recycling is re-incarnation.

Do this to save our nation.

By Holden Hunt, Age 11, Romsey Abbey School